Fresh out-of-the-Pen Parolee



Fred “Lucky” McRae – Goes by Lucky Fred and runs an Irish criminal syndicate out of Chicago. They mainly dabble in money laundering from many anonymous businesses throughout Chicago. Lucky Fred met up with Moe while Moe was trying to figure out ways to launder his gambling money. Even though lucky Fred was 10 years his senior, a strong friendship soon entailed.

Gale Wiseman – A famous actor born and raised in Chicago. She fell madly in love with the sharp, quick talking Moe when she first visited his casinos.

Don Chello – An Italian Mafia “Don” from a very powerful Chicago family. Don Chello first met Moe while trying to move his own bootlegged liquor into the hands of the needy. Moe later bailed him out of his horse racing debts and Don Chello has done everything he can to repay him.


Eldrige Hornabee – She was Moe’s banker during the good times and had a huge crush on him every time he came in. She is not a good looking girl but would do whatever she could for Moe.

Doug Tipper – A Chicago dock worker who frequented Moe’s Casinos. Moe befriended him after he spent a lot of money at the casino.

Tony Tuchi – An owner of a garbage company. One of Moe’s biggest alcohol buying clients.


Mercy Mick – See Moe’s background story.

Bobby O’Riely – The cop who busted Moe and took him to jail.

Johnny “Ugly” Pierson – Goes by Johnny Ugly. A beast of a man who used to try and break Moe’s balls over territory. He thinks of himself as a gangster.


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