Elsa Reinhilde


Gender: Female

Profession: Professor

Age: 27

Height: 4’11”

Weight: 110

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Fair


“My family consists of my father, my sister and myself. I followed in my father’s footsteps and attended the University of Vienna eventually majoring in German Language and Literature. Vienna will always be special to me but I felt the need to expand my scope of the world by sharing my love of literature and history beyond its borders. My father has made contacts all around the world thanks to his passion for rare books and sent letters of introduction to many professors abroad. Professor John Matthews Judson showed great interest in having me start as an Assistant Professor for the University of Chicago and it seems I’ll be starting right away during the fall semester August 1929…”


John Matthews Judson – (Professor and Head of the Department of English Language and Literature) (male) Professor Judson knows my father well through correspondence and held the position of Assistant Professor for me at the University of Chicago when he found out I was interested in teaching in America. I will be his assistant during the fall semester.

Frida Levy – (Wife of current university president) (female) Mrs. Levy was a staunch proponent of the university helping the under privileged by providing education to inmates at the local penitentiary. She feels it’s a huge step for women as serious educators that I was chosen to devote one evening a week to teaching night school.

Leif Jarvis – (Store clerk at Boylan’s Bookstore) (male) Inheriting a love of books has helped me track down a local bookstore with a varied selection beyond what the university can provide. Leif is the store clerk there and is happy to hold a special item for me to look at before putting it on the sales floor.


Gwen Hallister – (Murphy O’Conner’s secretary) (female) We met at the local beauty parlor and have been fast friends every since. On the nights I need to blow off some steam she knows the happening spots in town. On the nights she needs a quiet evening my door is always open. I keep nudging her towards taking a few college courses but she seems quite content with her current employment.

Dino Cooper – (Owner of Dino’s Diner) (male) Dino runs the diner in my neighborhood. I walk by it at least twice a day and tend to take most of my meals there since cooking for one can be quite cumbersome. He knows all the neighborhood news and is a helping hand when times have been tough.

Vincent Dunlap – (Superintendent of Apt Building) (male) My skills with mechanical objects always seems to go awry. Thank heavens for a super that can fix things fast at a moment’s notice. In return for his prompt response to my repair needs I visit his children and wife in the main floor apartment and read them literature before their bed time.


Augustus Coulter – (Professor and Chairman of the Department of Chemistry) (male) Professor Coulter is bitter that the position of Assistant Professor in the English department went to a foreign woman rather than his son who has no desire to follow in his father’s chemistry footsteps…

Maggie Stone – (Current student and daughter of a wealthy benefactor to the university) (female) She seems to have this notion that I’m romantically interested in Professor Judson. She has let all her fellow students know her feelings towards him but for some strange reason feels threatened by my presence as his assistant. Maybe if she batted her eyelashes less and put pen to paper more often the professor would pay more attention to her…

Laine Byers – (Book collector) (male) Laine is upset that Leif seems to be holding out on the more rare books that become available at Boylan’s Bookstore. Leif is more than happy to deal with me on a regular basis since Laines surly demeanor is less than pleasant. Most recently, Laine seems to be getting more hostile during his visits to purchase items…

Elsa Reinhilde

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